Building Facade Cleaning & Restoration

Building Facade Cleaning & Restoration

PCI’s expertise in building facade cleaning and restoration has prompted us to develop the FE II System, a proprietary system that works on protecting all types of building surfaces, especially aluminium cladding.


FEII System works well on all surfaces, even those deemed challenging, such as non ferrous surfaces. Our revolutionary methods protect the extrinsic features of your structure while tackling with the vulnerabilities and difficulties of the building materials used.


  • Tackles the problem of oxidation build-up on metal sidings arising from liquid and organic contamination.
  • Replenishes metal surfaces and provides long lasting protection.


The facade of a building is the window to its personality and image. By restoring aged surfaces and maintaining the state of your building, you are essentially enhancing the value of your asset while presenting an impressive corporate image.

There is an abundance of reasons why you should invest in the FEII System to ensure your building is well taken care of.

Financial Efficiency: With effective solutions that product long lasting results, you’ll enjoy overall cost savings for the cleaning and maintenance of your building.

Cost and Energy Savings: Effective treatment and protection of building surfaces eliminate the need for reactive and unscheduled repair works caused by excessive wear and tear.

Environmental Responsibility: Efficient use of technology enhances results while maximizing the use of resources, hence reducing wastage.

Safety Consciousness: A well protected building requires less frequent cleaning, taking away the accompanied risk of high-rise industrial work accidents.


  • Removes organing staining and corrosion
  • Applies top coat and seals with nano coating


Using state of the art technology perfected through years of research, FE II System offers efficient results that are far more superior to alternatives in the market.

  • Unique air-dry nanotechnology
  • Highly resilient with Pencil Scratch Hardness
  • Low susceptibility to thermal damage with heat stability of up to 400° F
  • Excellent protection using a slick finish that is highly repellant to water
  • Reduced effects from sunlight with UV Accelerated Weathering
  • Application of Nanotechnology enables effortless adhesion with the ability to reach the smallest of spaces and intersections, ensuring every millimetre of your building is carefully treated and protected.