Performance Coatings X HipVan

Performance Coatings X HipVan

As a newlywed, moving into your first home is extremely fun but comes with its own set of challenges too. We sat down with newlywed, Dominic (27), to talk about how he furnished and renovated his 4BR for only 42K!

Us: Maybe you’d like to tell us more about yourself?

D: Myself? I’m 27, just got married last year, coming to our 1 year anniversary. My wife is not around for the interview because she has to work. I help run my family business! Being married is fulfilling and very challenging at times, but it is extremely rewarding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Us: You got married so young!

D: Yeah, We got married at 26 but we started dating at 20. I met Rebecca in JC but we didn’t start dating then! Eventually it worked out *beams*

Us: Why did you decide with this home?

D: Because, 1. You don’t find a 4BR with such a big space anymore,and most importantly – the apartment is located is near to our parents’ places. My parents live in the same estate, and Rebecca’s parents live 5 mins away as well. So for us, it was a move that made sense for everyone.


Us: What was your inspiration behind the design for your home?

D: We wanted something that was cosy but not cookie cutter. Rebecca doesn’t like things that are trendy, so every single piece that we bought was thought through.


D:It didn’t really have to ‘go’ or really complement each other, but each piece had to have its own unique character. Most importantly it must be enduring: the look, the feel, the functionality, the durability. I’m never gonna be sick of this because we chose timeless designs, textures and colours.

Us: So, which is your favorite room in this home?

D: I would say the living room. I especially love the sofa, because we spend most of our time here, just chilling with Tequila (his adorable 2 year old pug!), reading, watching tv, playing my Xbox. Yeah, we just spend so much time here.

The sofa looks great, and is really hardy as well; this guy (points to Tequila) has tested the furniture everyday for the last two months. In terms of functionality and aesthetic I would definitely recommend this sofa.

Us: How much did it cost you to renovate this whole house?

D: The house was in pretty good condition, but there were still a couple of things to do. We relaid the floor with vinyl flooring, we redid both toilets, made a kitchen island, installed a couple of wardrobes, repainted the walls and put up the textured coatings. All in with the furniture and furnishings? About 42K!


Us: We noticed you have a preference for textured walls. Any reason why?

D: Textured walls are a great way to add character to your interior space. For the painted brick wall in the living room, we chose it as our design centrepiece as brick offers such a timeless and versatile aesthetic.


For Performance Coatings International’s painted textured walls, it is slightly different from wallpaper, laminate or regular brick . The flat, granular texture is subtle, clean and enduring. You won’t ever tire of this classic shade and this texture. To me, I feel like it makes the whole place cohere.


Us: The dining room wall is also really nice! Is it also a textured wall?

D: Yep, that was from Performance Coatings in the Herringbone design! We felt like the wall really complemented the dining set we got from HipVan, and provides a unique dimension to the dining area. Chevrons are a quirky and fun design, perfect for a lively communal area filled with great company and good food (and plenty of drinks).

Us: So, out of curiosity, what made you think of HipVan when buying furniture?

D: Oh! I’ve always been really impressed because 1. Danny (our CEO) is really nice guy and 2. I like the presentation of the product and 3. the price point is really reasonable, especially if you go out and do your market research and your due diligence. HipVan is in the sweet spot of quality furniture at a reasonable price. You’d be hard pressed to find anything else, and HipVan offers the best terms like free returns, free assembly. You get to be flexible on the delivery, like if I ordered multiple items, you will deliver those that are in stock first. Also, you guys always have great discounts.

Us: Did you encounter any problems?

D: There were some hiccups, like this mini shelf took 4 months to come.

Us: Oh no

D:Haha yeah, but we understood that there are bound to be problems when it comes to suppliers and stuff. HipVan’s customer service handled it really well, and it was a really personal experience! It convinced us that you are not a cold soulless organization just churning out emails and making up excuses. So even though the process wasn’t perfect, there was a nice human touch to it.


Do you have any tips for newlywed homeowners?

D: Most of us are digitally connected working adults, I would say definitely shop online, especially from a reputable, genuine store. Time is so precious so instead of spending your time going down to furniture stores weekend after weekend, after work when you really want to go home and rest, shop online! Shortlist your options and head down to the showroom to finalize your choices, if you must! Hipvan has pop-up stores from time to time, so that helps as well.

Us: What is one word you’d use to describe HipVan?

D: Hmm…one word…I think ‘warmth’. Warmth in terms of the service and just the vibe that comes with the products emanate. Every single piece is unique and not cookie cutter!