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Sprayon LU™711 The Protector All-Purpose Lubricant



Product Description


  • Penetrates & Prevents Rust
  • Displaces Moisture & Lubricates
  • Contains No Silicone
  • Meets Mil C -23411, And Naval Ordnance Systems Weapons WS-14138

Sprayon® LU™ 711 The Protector™ All Purpose Lubricant is an ultra-thin film, transparent blend of high quality petroleum distillates specifically formulated to ensure maximum moisture displacement. Its film resists the collection of abrasive particles on delicate contacts and connectors. This general maintenance penetrant unmatched in its versatility and quality. Known as The Protector™, it’s the clear-cut choice of industry to penetrate, lubricate, demoisturize and inhibit corrosion.

Net Weight: 11 oz Aerosol

Part Number: S00711


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