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Sprayon LU™710 Waxy Film Protectant


Product Description


  • Meets Post Office Spec VB-65-1
  • Passes Salt Spray ASTM B-117 1,000 Hours
  • Passes Humidity Testing ASTM D-1748 @ 120dg F

Sprayon® LU™ 710 PDRP® – Waxy Film Lube is a high-solids, waxy film, corrosion preventative compound suitable for a wide range of applications. Its formula provides long term protection of all metal surfaces, including vehicle underbody and enclosed, boxed, seam, joint and other crevice locations susceptible to corrosion. This pliable, firm coating has a polar attraction to metal surfaces and does not crack, age or harden. The dried coating is not flammable and protects electrical connections and wiring. It is not harmful to materials that are part of vehicle construction or paints, and prevents galvanic corrosion. The film is a lubricant for joints, guarding against fretting corrosion. This heavy duty water displacing film allows greater protection for machinery or parts stored outdoors, especially in salt water or a high humidity atmosphere. Easily removed with petroleum solvents, kerosene or perchloroethylene.

Net Weight: 12 oz Aerosol

Part Number: S00710


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