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Industrial Cleaners

Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners are eco-friendly, water-based cleaning products that are specially formulated to tackle the toughest industrial cleaning and degreasing jobs while being gentle on the environment, your facilities, equipment and workforce. They provide an environmentally sound, cost effective and safe solution for cleaning and maintenance projects in a wide range of industries including commercial, industrial, aviation and the military.

Aero-Green products are very effective and easy to use. Brushed or sprayed on, utilized in a cold or heated dip tank, or applied with a high pressure washer, Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners work so fast and are so versatile, that you can reduce the number of cleaners in your inventory, saving you time and money.

Safe for use on all surfaces, Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners are non-flammable, non-toxic, and competitively priced. By offering a high performance, environmentally friendly product line of cleaners and degreasers, Hi-Lite Solution's Aero-Green Specialty Cleaners provide industrial, commercial and governmental facilities throughout the United States and the world with an opportunity to 'get it clean and keep it green'.

Hi-Lite Solutions Aero Green Water-Based and Biodegradable Specialty Cleaners for Aviation and Industrial Use.