Hi-Lite Solutions, the manufacturer of Aero-Green’s Specialty Cleaners understands how critical safety is to the Aviation industry. Keeping aircraft and airfields clean with Aero-Green’s state-of-the-art cleaners and degreasers, custom formulated for the Aviation industry, will help your airport achieve the highest levels of safety in the air and on the ground while minimizing operating costs.

Dirt and grime on airplanes, helicopters and airfields can lead to serious problems:
- seriously endangers pilots, passengers, and ground crews' safety
- makes it hard to conduct a good inspection of your aircraft
- disrupts airflow over an airplane’s wingtips
- harms all the rotating components on a helicopter
- covers up important safety signs on aircraft and the airfield
- makes aircraft and the airfield more expensive to maintain
- harms the image of your facility.

Keep your aircraft and airfield clean and safe, reduce your maintenance costs, and enhance the image of your facility with Aero-Green 4015, 4065, 4035, 4025 and 8025.

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