From vehicle restoration to restyling and protection, we offer a wide range of aerosol products to meet the demanding needs of car enthusiasts seeking premium finish with lasting results. Through our line-up of outstanding products from DupliColour and VHT Paint, we are able to cater to varied needs from touch-ups to even high heat applications.


Dupli-Color has been known for its "Perfect Match" in touch-up automotive paints and has continued its philosophy of “perfection” through new product innovations for both the car and truck refinishing, OEM and specialty coating markets. 


VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE is what VHT stands for and VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE is what VHT products are all about. VHT's Flagship Flameproof paint was originally developed for the space program for use on space bound and re-entry vehicles! It doesn't get much hotter than that! Because of its tolerance for heat, VHT Flameproof soon made its way to every corner of the automotive market! Flame Proof paint can withstand temperatures of up to 2000°F, which makes it perfect for your headers, exhaust systems, turbo housings, or anything you need high heat paint for.

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