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To satisfy the growing needs of students, artists and hobbyists to express their creativity, we work with Krylon, the industry leader in product innovation, to supply a wide range of spray paints, special coatings, decorative sprays and more.

Krylon has a clear commitment to artists and crafters.  Krylon started working with artists and crafters years ago, when they introduced their first clear coating in 1947.  Today, Krylon continues to design products for the special needs of creative customers.

Artists and crafters know and trust the Krylon name.  They look to Krylon for the quality products they need for their artwork and projects.  And this trust has earned Krylon the honor of being the #1 brand  in the category.

Krylon is as creative as you, the customers. Krylon is always creating and innovating.  And each year, Krylon is proud to offer new and exciting products to the world of arts and crafts.

Every artist and crafter is a perfectionist. Bearing this in mind, Krylon promises NO RUNS, NO DRIPS, NO ERRORS! Krylon is the perfect brand or your projects as their products dry quickly and provide the perfect finish, without running or dripping.  In fact, Krylon's  Interior/Exterior paint dries in just 12 minutes - faster than any competitor in the market.

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