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Since its founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in 1866,  The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, but is among the top 5 largest producers in the world.

PCI is proud to be the region’s distributor for Sherwin Williams’ range of environmental friendly architectural paints as well as its’ impressive line-up of Chemical Coatings products.

Interior and Exterior Paints

Sherwin William’s range of interior and exterior paints are Green Label certified in Singapore also meet the  highest  green  coating  standards  in  the  US. Offering ZERO VOC options to discerning businesses and home owners,  the impact  on  air  quality  is  minimized while  excellent product performance is ensured.

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Chemical Coatings

To satisfy a wide range of variables  relating  to  application,  curing,  finish durability,  appearance,  environmental  requirements, “green” sustainability initiatives, and cost,  PCI works with  Sherwin-Williams  to  offer  a  full  assortment  of production  finishes  and  complete  line  of  products- from  clear  sealers  to  powder  coatings  to  stains  and glazes..

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